Polly Moses

Polly Moses


Owner of Vanilla Bean Salon and Spa, started her career at the Hairporte and the renowned James Rocco Salon in Pittsburgh “Precision cutting at its Best.” Polly was New York and Canada trained, including “Vidal Sassoon Academy” in London where her free-hand cutting began. Since then 30 years of salon and spa ownership.

“I love when guests let me come alive in my creativity - the energy flows through my hands to my fingertips and magic happens.”

What’s on your coffee table?
Aveda Tea & Aveda Candle of course, all wrapped up in a furry blanket - life is good :).

What gives you inspiration?
My crosses and this Beautiful world we live in, my creativity comes from above. + My passion for life.

In your free time?
Eat, pray & walk.

What are your top 3 favorite Aveda Products?
Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight, Botanical Kinetics Skin Refiner and my go-to lipstick, Guava. 

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